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Behind the Curtain
The use of a Personal Computer and the Internet has not become any easier or safer than driving a car. The more cars and the more drivers and the higher speeds all contribute to more dangerous highways. The Information Highway is no different.
Take the time to learn how to drive defensively and keep your vehicle well maintained so you will not be involved in an avoidable accident.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

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Virus and Other Computer Safety Information

Free SpyWare Remover Online
from TrendMicro

Beta overviewMS Spy Ware Remover
Frequently asked questions Read answers to the most frequently asked questions about Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Updated: 10/02/2012

What is a Computer Virus?
A computer virus is a program that has the ability to replicate, or make copies of itself, and spread to other files. Viruses can attach themselves to many types of files and programs, and spread as files that are copied and sent from one computer to another. Just like biological viruses, computer viruses spread quickly and can be difficult to eradicate. Viruses are never accidents, or caused by computer glitches. All viruses are created deliberately. Avast Home Edition
Avast Anti Virus
Free Anti Virus Application for Home PC Users

  In addition to an updated anti-viral application there are 3 other required steps to take to insure your computer is safe.
Windows Update
Windows Update
Windows Update helps you keep your computer secure by providing the latest critical updates.

2 SpyBot Search and Destroy
SpyBot Search and Destroy
Removes and blocks spy-ware from your computer.

3 Sygate Firewall
Sygate FirewallEasiest-to-use PC firewall and still free for personal use.
[A quick and accurate scan of your computer to detect open, closed, and blocked ports. Quick Scan ]

Test Your Computer and/or Tune Up at PCPITSTOP.COM
Checkered flag: A winner!Make sure you are "driving" A Winner!

In addition to replication, many computer viruses deliver a "payload." While some virus payloads merely display messages or images, others can destroy files, reformat your hard drive, or send unintended email messages. Even if a virus doesn't contain a damage routine, it can still cause trouble by wasting storage space and memory. Additionally, some viruses are poorly written, and may cause a computer to stop or damage files. Many viruses make the computer's memory unstable or cause programs to run improperly.

Viruses will not go away anytime soon. More than 60,000 have been identified and hundreds of new ones are created every month. With numbers like these, no one who uses computers is immune from viruses.

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