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Behind the Curtain
In the real world there is only one BEST. There is only one first place winner. And in the real world of browsers, that is Internet Explorer. But you can make the best even better with these "toys".
Just click the links, then choose Run from here. Close your browser then reopen it and that's all there is to installing these enhancements.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

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Power Toys for IE5                                                         

Power Toys for IE 5 
and other IE 5 Web Accessories

Most are real gems, though some are almost, but not quite, useless. The good ones are the Open Frame in New Window (great on a framed site), Links list (get all the links on a page in a popup window) and the Image List (wonderful for the Web designer who wants to know how big his page is and how long it'll take to load at various speeds. It shows you all the images on a Web page and the size of each file in kilobytes and in pixels). Quick Search lets you access various search engines directly from the Address box. Use "av" for altavista followed by the keywords you're hunting for and presto -- Internet Explorer 5 will query your favorite search engine (see Google Toolbar below too) and get you the results without your having to load the search side panel. The Image toggler lets you turn off bloated images in a jiffy. With Web Search you can select words on a Web page and with a right-click use them as keywords to query a default search engine.

You can Zoom In and Out of an image. The Text Highlighter lets you highlight text on a page. This is similar to the highlight feature in Microsoft Word.

The Web Accessories are available as a 136 Kb download from

Also get the Google toolbar for your IE
Get the Google Toolbar for your IE

This is another way to have Google on your browser. NOTES: The Google Browser Buttons are tailored to the browser you are using. They should work for recent versions, but may not work for older browsers. Try this Button Google Search Use your mouse to highlight this phrase: Stanford University. Click the Google Search button to do a Google web search for the highlighted phrase.

Power Tweaks

The Internet Explorer 5 Power Tweaks aren't as useful as the Web Accessories set but they are useful if you want to set Web sites as trusted or restricted right from the Tools menu without having to rummage through the Tools | Internet Options dialog. Other tidbits include a toolbar button that lets you toggle between Offline and Online -- nice if you're on a dialup connection and aren't always connected.

The Power Tweaks are a 126 kb download from

Toolbar Wallpaper

The Toolbar Wallpaper utility lets you customize the background image of Internet Explorer 5's toolbars. Ten images come with the tool, and if that isn't enough you can use any bmp file on your PC (mostly stored in C:\WINDOWS).

The Toolbar Wallpaper is a 170 Kb download from

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