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Prevent all pages of your site from appearing in MSN Search Preview by locating the file named Robots.txt in the root directory of your Web server and then adding the following text to it: (If your directory does not have this file, you can create it in Microsoft Word or Notepad and then use the Save As command to give the file the proper name and .txt extension.)

User-agent: searchpreview
Disallow: /

The text should be added in two lines as shown above.


Prevent a specific page of your site from appearing in Search Preview by adding the following meta tag to the head section of the source code for the Web page:

<meta name="robots" content="noimageindex, nomediaindex" />



Bandwidth Meter Want to know how your connection to the Web stacks up? This service will run a quick test that will compare your connection to DSL, cable modems, and more. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you made this site and that I discovered you. My AOL 7.0 stayed on line with "Anti" until AOL did their last upgrade about 6 weeks ago. I tried about 5 different fixes to no avail, and then thanks to Carl and your site, I found "Wake up" :-) <Applause> ~ JR ~


U.S. Online Access Market 2001 (Source: TRI) 
Provider Type      Subscriber Q'4 
Paid Dialup ISP      54,481,752 
Free ISPs             4,140,000 
Cable Modems          6,626,963 
DSL                   3,967,000 
Satellite               141,000 
TOTAL                69,356,715 

From the figures above one can see that more than 78% of internet users use dialup connections.


hi ozzypoooooooooos..wee here...jus a wee note to say hiiiiiiiii xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pick a David Bowie song to play while browsing my site: 


You may travel the Web on any one of several different trains. Each train takes a different route, and each one encounters sites that roughly fit a general category or theme. Click and, you'll find a description of each train. Click the Stops button next to any description to see the complete list of Rail Stops you'll encounter on that train.


We developed Axista Xcolla to be the most intuitive and flexible collaborative project management software available- and for the most competitive price. Minus costing and resource allocation, which we should have by the end of May, how are we doing? 24/7 demo on the website and free trials..

Thanks in advance, all feedback is positive in my book. ;)

James Fields


Will Microsoft dump Apple? Who cares?

If you are a home user, you can possibly do without Microsoft Office. Possibly. But, if you are in a corporate environment where they are running Exchange Server, and you are building Excel spreadsheets with Pivot Tables and connections to ODBC databases (by the way, this is very common stuff, and just a small sample) - then suddenly you not only need MS Office, but you will probably need the Windows version of MS Office.

This is the reason Windows has 95% of the market today. If you do these things at work, and you want to eventually do any of the work at home, you WILL be running Windows. That simple. It has nothing to do with which platform is better (which clearly is debatable), or which one has the better software, or whether MS Office is available for Mac, or whether Entourage can do an Exchange Server connection .. It comes down to people needing the exact same software and connectivity that they have in the office.


Visit the last oasis of sanity in Cyberspace:


Windows PowerToys have been around for the past several versions of Windows, and I believe that they are the best proof that Microsoft developers actually use Microsoft Windows in their day-to-day lives. I think this because the PowerToys fill many gaps and offer many enhancements that any user wants after working with Windows for any length of time.

Power Toys are a collection of programs and utilities that for some reason never seem to make it into the released version of Windows. However, they are often some of the most helpful and practical pieces of software that you will find. Even though they are wildly popular, and generally as stable as any other software, they are not officially supported by Microsoft. They come in a single file download, and can be uninstalled from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet. You can install them all, or choose a custom install, and select individual features to install.

Power Toys for Windows XP 
Download FilePowerToySetup.exe from


Vertigo peer to peer chat and file sharing.

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