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AOL super free tools is a collection of tools for AOL users that makes your session more enjoyable. It redials AOL when necessary, and optionally whenever found offline (such as when dumped). FlashSessison and AOL 4.0 redialing supported.It will dial AOL on demand, including signing on at a set time. It automates many useful commands once connected, such as opening the New Mail window, displaying Favorite Places, executing a Keyword, starting Download Manager, and more. It dismisses many AOL messages: Idle, 45-minute stay online, scheduled FlashSession while online, system response, various "unavailable" and "unable to," and others. Even dismisses MSIE error messages. It includes Auto-answer and/or ignore Instant Messages and Invitations. You can specify screen names to handle, and includes a pattern matching setting to cover name variations easily. You can specify sounds to play when messages are dismissed, when chat room text changes, and when AOL goes online, offline, and exits. You can also use it to break the 92-character text entry limit in chat rooms with the Chat Text Extender and bust into all chat room types (including conference rooms) with the Bust in Chat Room feature. Send a short message to all open IM conversations (and optionally also to the chat room) with the Broadcast Message feature. Continue to use AOL while uploading - automatically! Kill and restart AOL when it is frozen and dead. Run executable files after AOL is run or goes online, or on demand. Close applications on AOL or SFT exit, or on demand. Empty selected folders on SFT exit or on demand. Check for suspicious programs loading from WIN.INI (does so automatically the first time SFT is run). Includes a Simple Web Browser based on MSIE, featuring a multiple window interface with optional tabbed display. Displays your current local IP address. Activate the Windows screen saver and much more.


There is a little something for everyone here. A Cozmic Nose Art Place is an introduction to the Fine Arts and A Cozmic Nose Web Art page is a guide for the newbie web designer. An American Music Place focuses on American musical artists, bands and resources. A Cozmic Nose People Place is a resource on chatting, finding people and keeping in touch with your friends. There is also humor pages, fan pages, short stories and sound pages. That is just a sampling on what can be found.

11/23/2001 is a site and a project as well. Because we believe in continous progress, this site will be developed in an OpenSource manner. Now you can download the full site and run it on your server. Project documentation and code library development is in continious progress.

11/23/2001 is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages.


Free Support Sites


An online community which provides free technical support to computer users. Even though its service is free, the site promises to deliver the highest quality technical support. Each support tech is a volunteer. Donations accepted.

PC Mechanic

Easy, plain-English information on computers. Tutorials show how to perform various tasks, from installing a video card to assembling an entire computer. Background information on hardware and provided explanations on how things work. Troubleshooting FAQs and support forums.

About PCSupport

New content, relevant links, How-To's, Forums, and answers to questions. Good portal site.


The first newsletter.


In this life I've seen ev'rything I can see, woman I've seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand * I've see babies dancin' in the midnight sun I've seen dreams that came from the heavenly skies above I've seen old men cryin' at their own grave sides And I've seen pigs all sittin' watchin' picture slides * But I never seen nothin' like you Do ya, do ya want my love? Do ya, do ya want my face? Do ya, do ya want my mind?


When an apostrophe ( ' ) is inserted into an insert string, errors will occur.

Solving the Apostrophe Problem ( ' ) can be very annoying; however, there is a simple fix.... use the Replace function:


Click to refresh the page Here's the code:

<A HREF="javascript:history.go(0)">Click to refresh the page</A> Rather than using a refresh command, I like to go to the history of the page and set it to zero. The zero is the current page since in JavaScript, lists (arrays) are numbered starting with zero. Here's the same effect in a button:

And the code:

<FORM> <INPUT TYPE="button" onClick="history.go(0)" VALUE="Refresh"> </FORM>

11/17/2001 seems that more code is needed to prevent caching a page.

Better to be safe than sorry. It should look like this:


Text in the Browser Window

</BODY> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="-1"> </HEAD> </HTML>


Let's see if code will prevent the requirement of RELOADING to see one's own entry to this guest book.

To prevent Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) clients from caching web pages, it may be necessary to use the Pragma: No-cache header.

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

MORE INFORMATION The following script code can be used in a Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) to insert the Pragma: No-cache tag into the HTTP header.

NOTE: This script code MUST be the first line of the ASP file.

<% Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "No-Cache" %>


I've been looking for a way or program that will compress large wave files into smaller ones. With your site, it was so simple and easy...Thank You


How safe is your computer?


ToniArts is a small "company", it does FREE programs, programs like EasyHtml. EasyCleaner is the most successful program ToniArts ever made, it has gained quite a lot users here in Finland. ToniArts has been officially working about 3 years (since november of 1997). Before it, I used the ToniArts name lot, but I was only practising programming then, so I count the day when I started to make EasyHtml the first day in ToniArts history!


View the Earth or the Moon.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION Did you know you can Ask the dot com people? The answers you're looking for are only a question away - just Ask! Our interactive service is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

If you need to make a change to records associated with your domain name, we've got great tools for you to use!

If you need to: change the registrant's address appoint a new or different contact to manage your domain name OR switch ISPs (i.e., change primary and/or secondardy name servers) complete a Service Agreement modification form at

If you need to change information about a contact who is managing your domain name, complete a Contact Form modification at

If you need to register or update information about a name server, complete a Host Form modification at

Every day at 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time, new and corrected information is shared with computers all over the world. If your modification or request is processed by either of these times, your changes will be included in these updates.


Everyone's free graphics tools Don't know pixels from palettes? No problem! Download Guru Preston Gralla picks free graphics tools to transform anyone into Picasso of the PC.


Web Accessories for IE 5 With the introduction of Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft has created a browser to take us into the next millennium. But as good as this browser is out of the box, Microsoft has provided an outlet for enterprising developers to tweak IE 5, giving users greater flexibility to customize their browser environment. This outlet is the extensibility feature called Web Accessories. Web Accessories are browser enhancements for IE 5. In IE 4, Web Accessories were known as PowerToys. These PowerToys were created using script contained in an HTML file. However, in IE 5, developers can create accessories that are more powerful by using COM interfaces.


Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List

ARTICLE-ID: Q65416 TITLE : Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, A-K

ARTICLE-ID: Q60781 TITLE : Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, L-P

ARTICLE-ID: Q60782 TITLE : Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, Q-Z


Some very nice applications and programming tips.


Extra tools for office.


Programs and Cracks


... a collection of thirteen full-length interviews of people who knew Ernest Hemingway, the legendary writer and Nobel laureate. Published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the author's birth, it features interviews with sons Gregory and Patrick, Hemingway's boxing sparring partner, Shine Forbes, and many close friends, including Key Wester, Charles Thompson of Green Hills of Africa. Co-authored by Frank Simons and James Plath; Foreward by Lorian Hemingway; published by Ketch and Yawl Press, Key West,Copyright 1999, first printing.

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