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eManual 2001 - The e-Manual online document utility. . . . We do Windows online policy manual

eManual  an example of an online policy manual e-Manual an example that is always up to date.
Every now and then something dramatically changes the way we do things. The methods employed, the technology harnessed, is so superior to existing methods, that it causes everyone else to follow the trend. In today's world of information, "e-Manual" will greatly improve your old ways of doing things, and set a new trend that others in your company will want to follow.

As a web based application, e-Manual holds information that can be searched, viewed, or used on any designated computer. This ensures that all users are able to access or add (if desired) to any collection of information contained within it. Because e-Manual is an electronic document it is perpetually updated, changing with the host system itself and the latest edits and additions to the information it contains.

Click here to see a demonstration ISO 9000 e-Manuale-Manual online QMS policy manual demonstration.

The inherent problem with information documents, and certainly policy manuals, is even the best ones become outdated rather quickly. Especially within modern businesses and organizations who wish to stay competitive, keeping up with change is always a real challenge. Printed paper documents are a disadvantage in the "digital age".

Your e-Manual will be updated immediately, as you make changes and additions. There are no printing costs. Nor are there any distribution expenses. As the licensee of the software you are in complete control of your changes. Once the application is placed on your server, your own database is created and then populated with your current information. From then on, you have a definitive source for the information your users need, right at their finger tips. Techniques may change, and as your usage of the software changes, e-Manual promises to keep pace with your new requirements. 

Upgrades will no longer be something you will have to buy. "Even in the long run, your software development will be instant, free and as perfect as you make it. Additional e-manuals can be added anytime at a nominal cost, since your staff will already be proficient with use and development.

Your own e-Manual is available from and comes with the unique features your organization desires and specifies. After looking through one of your major documents, and determining your printing and distribution costs, you can easily decide that e-Manual will improve your old ways of doing things and set a new standard for information sharing in your organization. The price is modest even when you consider doing just one major document update a year. But also consider that if you require more frequent updates, then they will all be FREE year after year. 

Now if only you can get your other software vendors to do that....!

If you believe any of the above features can benefit your organization, 
Contact Us for more information and obtain your own 
password to your own fully functional demonstration e-Manual

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