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Do I Need My Own Web Site?                Try
This page contains informative answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about web sites, along with some tips and links that may be found useful. All are presented below as questions.
Note: The net offers so many possibilities... it is hard to begin to explain. But with just a few clicks (ThreeClicks ) the world is at your finger tips.  And with your own web site, YOU can be at the finger tips of the WORLD.
  1. Why do I need my own web site ?
  2. How do I establish my own site ... ?
  3. How much will it cost ... ?
  4. Do I need my own domain name ... ?
  5. Can I build and maintain my own site ... ?
  6. How will people find my website ?

Why do I need my own web site ?

A personal web site perhaps is not a need, but most people, I am sure would not only enjoy having one, but would also find it useful.

However, if you have a business you not only NEED a web site, you HAVE to have one. Your own web site is as essential to your business as is your telephone or mailing address. It is not only a means of correspondence and communication, it is a form of advertisement as well. It does not necessarily need all the features of an online retail web site, such as shopping carts and secure forms for credit card processing. But every business, no matter how small or what service or product it provides, needs to have a web presence today. And the importance of having that presence is growing as more and more people use the internet. Businesses that want to provide for the needs of their current clients and customers need a web site. And businesses wishing to grow, will have to find some of their new customers on line.

Keeping up with the "Big Dogs" shouldn't be to sole reason for having a web site. More and more small businesses are moving on to the net and it is important not to be left behind. But just like embarking on any other new business venture, it is important to do your homework. Chances are you won't become a millionaire with your own Dot Com, but ask yourself questions like "Who are your customers?" and "What do you wish to tell them? Or better yet, What do you want them to tell you?
Your web site will be there for your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during every holiday and it will never take a vacation. Many businesses and organizations are discovering the benefits of moving into cyberspace. Mail order shopping and customer support in particular, have been revolutionized by the World Wide Web. Many companies now place product user guides and help files on the net.

A commercial web site is also a perpetual advertisement for your business. It is there 24 hours a day and reaches beyond national boundaries. The world wide web as the name implies, covers the entire world from Albania to Zimbabwe. This makes it possible to vastly increase the size of your potential market. If you compare its cost to any other in your normal advertising budget, you'll find that a web site is an excellent value.

Web sites range from small home pages to major corporate sites. The start up costs are minimal. The size or complexity of your site depends on your company, your market, and what you feel your customers need.

Link: Browsers and Plug-ins

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How do I establish my own site ... ?

The short answer to the question is just email Or use this form. Include just the information on your business card. I will respond with a link for you to visit based specifically on just the information you have included.

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How much will it cost ... ?

Let's see. How much does a car cost? There is of course no way to answer this question correctly without a little more information. But let me just say that to get on the information super highway in a very safe and functional vehicle your total cost could be less than $200. And even that modest vehicle may outrun many of the more expensive models driven by your competition.

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Do I need my own domain name ... ?

Every business needs its own domain name. Whether it's just for email or for building an online superstore, registering your own unique domain name is the first step for businesses to take in order to be part of the Internet. The cost is less than $35 per year.
So see if your DOMAIN is available using the little form below.

Quick LQQKup
Is your domain available? Check here!


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Can I build and maintain my own site ... ?

Here are a few free HTML editors available on the web. Important see NOTE ! below.
Do yourself a favor, and use them to answer your own "Can I ...?" questions!

*NOTE ! 
If you are really in business then you already have Office2000 and as we all know it is a WINtel world, so please don't waste your money on any "want-to-bees" or "also-rans". Add a full version of FrontPage2000 to your MS Office Suite if you really want to do your own HTML. 

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How will people find my website ... ?

More people use search engines to find sites on the net than any other method. Over the coming newsletters I'll be telling you how to get your site listed highly on the important search engines.

Choosing your keywords.
Be relevant to your site. Celebrities' names or Pokemon may be the most popular terms looked for (check out the Lycos top 50 - But those words are of no use to you if your site has nothing to do with them. You won't rank highly unless your page is related to your keywords and even if you did manage to get a few extra visitors, they would just leave immediately.

Be specific. You have more chances of ranking highly on search engines for longer obscure phrases so if your site is a 'quotes from Homer Simpson' site, tell people, don't just use - 'the simpsons'.

Consider using misspellings - people search for "their subjects" in
all sorts of ways (there subjects, Their Subject, etc) and they search for That Subject too. So use
several variations.

Think of what you would search for. You know your business and
search for it all the time, what phrases do you use? Look at other related
sites' metatags ( view source and look for ) to see what they consider to be

Finally use these tools to see what people are searching for.
You can see exactly what people are searching for right now on Excite
Meta Crawler, or various other search engines by following some of the links here

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Just for your information, I do design web sites professionally. The company I work for is a Government Entity and therefore any work that I do outside that agency in no way conflicts with my terms of employment. So email and let's discuss your Internet needs.
Believe IT. Today is the day ~( ^@^ ) pigs will fly.

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