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WE LOVE OUR AOL even version 7  or AOL 8?
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Do you wish to continue to stay online?
This is a very HARD question to answer
 too isn't it???     

Link to DOWNLOAD is below. Scroll down to   DOWNLOAD

NOTE: It has been reported that anti.exe MAY NOT work with each and every version of AOL 7. So there is NO need to report that fact to the author. You should just try it with your particular version of AOL and your particular Windows operating system. 

Try this little app with AOL 5 or AOL 6
or AOL 7
< download here 69k
or visit Momo AOL Timer Killer

  anti.exe 68k This program takes care of AOL's 'idle' and
46-minute popup windows, to prevent you from being automatically signed off. It also has ping support, which might help you stay online with other ISPs. Compatible with AOL 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0,  7.0, or AOL8 for Win95/98/ME/NT/2K.
This anti.exe is simpler than BuzzOff, but please let me know if it doesn't work for you.

And go ahead and get BuzzOff too, because it can close many more annoying pop-ups. For some (NOT ALL) versions of AOL it can close the idle popup and the "stay on line" popup. NOTE! This is NOT a POPUP AD stopper. It closes WINDOWS popup menus.

I suggest this BuzzOff application only for power users or others who use their computers for more than just "surfing" the internet. Also note that it was originally shareware, but if you look at the README in the main zip you will find the registration number. Tip for "Newbies"...always READ the "READMEs". is NOT trying to sell anything on this page. All applications posted here ARE FREE. But all the applications will NOT work for everyone. I always respond to requests for help with the applications here. But again, NOT ALL of the APPLICATIONS will work for each version of AOL and each Operating System.

Link to DOWNLOAD is below. Scroll down to  

Well the "Do you wish to continue to stay online?" question is impossible to answer when you don't see it. So let's use "Buzz Off" to do it for us.
All you have to do is drag the crosshairs icon, from the Add button, and drop it on the correct answer of the AOL pop-up. ( For those of fair hair, the correct answer is Yes. )

Then from the Advanced button choose the Action: Click 2.

Hit the Test button, and that should be the last time you have to answer that STUPID question. (If the test FAILS then it will NOT work. Try a different Action. If no action passes the TEST, then Buzzoff will NOT work for your particular version of AOL)

Assuming you run Buzof when you run AOL, and that you have the Enabled Checkbox checked.


Click to DOWNLOAD (287k v-1.46)

Be sure to read ALL the READMEs after you unzip it.

Happy Surfing
Even if AOL changes it protocol, or comes up with some NEW stupid question, just use the same method to answer it. And be sure to TEST the action you choose. AOL might change "tricks" from time to time. Hopefully this will work with all versions of AOL on all operating platforms. And those of us who pay for unlimited service will continue to receive it.

By the way, I still like and use AOL5 for WIN 2000. And surf with MS IE 5.5. Fast Form Mail to 0zform mail to Oz

Another application that should work! And is very easy to use.
Link to DOWNLOAD is below. Scroll down to  
 DOWNLOAD WakeUp.exe Link to DOWNLOAD is below. Scroll down to  
 DOWNLOAD WakeUp.exe


Click to DOWNLOAD WakeUp.exe (149K v-1.01)

Thanks to Carl for sharing this one with us! Note: This app might even work for users of other ISPs that try to disconnect their users for being idle.

Hit Counter

Try this little trick, using AOL itself, and see if it works for you. [ NOTE ! The Little Diver seems to have been removed from AOL and the address is no longer a valid URL. This may be a temporary condition or AOL has removed it permanently. January 21, 2004]

AOL users that want to stop getting knocked offline by that little pop up notice (the one that says.. you have been online forever, click here or go bye bye). Well, now you can make the pop up warning go bye bye instead.

Use this link only in your AOL browser go to aol://1391:43-52114 in your AOL Browser then make it a favorite, naming it what you wish.

From now on, when you (double)-click on "Hello!" (or whatever else you named it) from your favorites, it will bring up a small (non-resizable!) window containing a person's head wearing snorkeling gear, and waving at you, on a blue background.
This can be used as AOL's own "anti-idler" every time after signing on to AOL, because it starts a non-stop looping animation.
To get it out of the way, just minimize the window. Clicking the window takes you to AOL Greeting Cards.

Here is a version of AOL Super Free Tools. This is a very nice application written by Lou A. Moccia (and always FREELY distributed -Thanks Lou ) that has been around since at least 1996 as WIN95-Redialer which allowed a user to auto-DIAL until a connection with AOL was finally established no matter how many busy signals were encountered. It then became AOL SuperFreeTools as more features were added, one of the main ones was an auto mouse click to those annoying popup windows asking if you wish to stay online. Today the SuperFreeTools have too many features to list. But do download a version and put it to work for you. I am sure you will find many features that you will use in addition to dealing with the AOL timers. Here is aolsft.exe version 5.4 Download AOLSFT version 5.4 for you to download.
Also note that if you have an older version of windows95 you may need to install the VB6 runtimes freely available from Microsoft.


And here are the old apps that served us well in the past. Perhaps one or more may still work for you.
46Kill KillTime MessToss PopUps PopUp263  Wizon

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