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About Us                                                                    

About and Network Applications

In support of implementation, operates in two capacities simultaneously:
  • Services: Internet application solutions and services utilizing ASP, Active Server Pages, from definition through launch. 
  • Products: Custom MS Access database business applications and reports that increase functionality and accelerate implementation.

e-Manual  Online Policy Manuale-Manual

Click-A-dex  Online Staff Directoryclick-A-dex

2eZweb  Online Web Creation Application2eZweb

Try the above links for examples and more about our major products.


There's a TV commercial that begins with two smug
consultants mouthing buzzwords about "improving inventory
velocity" and such. The client breathes deeply, smiles
happily, and says, "Great. Do it." The consultants both look
perplexed. "We don't do it, we just propose it," one of them
replies after an awkward pause.

  • does "do it". 
    In fact,
    defines its business as rapid implementation of custom dynamic web applications. The small company based in Sarasota, Florida really enjoys what it does and how it is done.
  • Web-driven development cycles preclude a classic "waterfall" model of requirements driving specifications driving implementation. "Waterfalls are great for people who want to watch one," but instead of pretending that problems will sit still to be analyzed, begins by treating deployment time as a primary constraint.
  • "Let's build the most sophisticated application that we can build in a few days; let's do a full build-and-test cycle every week," summarizes this approach. To do the most important things that can fit within that timetable, a small development team can "focus on requirement gathering," and continue requirement definition through the full development - deployment cycle." 
  • Customers typically having chosen a Windows NT server and seeking custom applications to fulfill the potential of that platform, may always turn to "What's interesting about servers, is all the things and people that a server touches, It's a challenge to integrate them all." The opportunity to add value, is in understanding and meeting that need for process integration--not in merely staying abreast of rapidly changing technology.
  • "In the long run, software development will be instant, free and perfect. The question for every software developer, is what services an enterprise will still want to buy when software development, in general, gets a whole lot better than it is today; when making it work the way it should, and on time, is something to take for granted. The things that will continue to be hard to do are the talents most worth developing today. The way to get to where you want to go today.... and tomorrow too.
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6314 Olive Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 927-8321

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